Frequently Asked Questions

Tae Kwon Do is a traditional, weaponless Korean martial art, the national sport of South Korea and an Olympic sport.  While Tae Kwon Do has its roots in antiquity and shares its history with other traditional Asian disciplines, modern Tae Kwon Do was born in the 1970’s.  Literally translated, it means the way (“Do”) of the kicking (“Tae”) and punching (‘Kwon”).  A study of the history and techniques reveals to the practitioner that Tae Kwon Do is not only physical pursuit, but a philosophical one as well.

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No.  That’s one of the many beautiful things about Tae Kwon Do, that anybody with the desire and motivation can practice.  As your practice deepens and evolves, you will reap the benefits of health, physical fitness and weight management.

Absolutely not!  Just as people of all fitness levels can train, so can people of all ages. Having had the experience of training beside a woman who was over 70 years old, whose push ups were better than any other black belt candidate’s and who completed her black belt test with vigor and determination, it was easy to see that age did not hold her back.

MooShim Tae Kwon Do is competitively priced with other year-round athletic programs such as other martial arts programs, dance, gymnastics, team sports and group fitness classes.  Unlike many other martial arts programs, however, we do not require a contract.  We rely on our exceptional instructors and a well-designed curriculum to foster fun, challenging and fulfilling classes and offer the compelling value that keeps our students coming back month after month without the obligation of a contract.

No.  In fact, the goal of a martial artist is quite the opposite.  Physical and philosophical training in Tae Kwon Do teaches the student to look inward to understand themselves and others in a way that promotes conflict resolution without the use of violence. This is an effective way to teach or enhance these basic life skills to our youngest students and our most senior students alike.

Tae Kwon Do teaches hand and foot techniques for the purpose of defending oneself.  In addition, and most importantly, Tae Kwon Do is a positive way to gain a strong sense of self and greater level of confidence.  Through consistent training, the student realizes her proficiency with both the physical techniques and philosophical concepts and begins to truly understand her ability to defend herself and her right to do so.  That kind of presence can be a powerful deterrent to any would-be bully.

As with any kind of physical pursuit, there is always a slight risk of injury.  However, close supervision and well-designed drills during classes minimize that risk by creating a safe training environment, which is our main priority.

We hope that every student that trains with us can feel the thrill and excitement of black belt achievement! The time it takes to achieve 1st degree black belt depends entirely on the student’s attendance and dedication to her training.  With consistent training, students generally become 1st degree candidates within 3 years.

MooShim Tae Kwon Do is a curriculum-based program comprising Hand and Kicking techniques, Poomsae (or forms), Sparring Techniques, Breaking, and Self Defense.  While specific content will vary from class to class, the format of the classes will include these basic elements:  Each class begins and ends with the formal ritual of bowing to the Instructor and to the flags, followed by a short warm-up that focuses on dynamic flexibility and movement preparation.  The remainder of the class time is spent practicing the specific techniques the Instructor has predetermined in her lesson plan for the class.


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