In this country, a student just beginning their practice often comes to Tae Kwon Do without much knowledge concerning the origins of their chosen discipline.  Unless the student has a Korean heritage, the culture of the dojang will seem quite different and strange.  Many dojangs do not teach techniques in Korean and thus a connection to the language is lost.  Some Masters focus only on sparring and thus the structure and tradition of the art is lost.  Often, schools, in an attempt to seem more modern, dismiss the formality of bowing to the Master/Instructors, in which case part of the very foundation of this beautiful art is lost.  At Mooshim, we conduct our classes in the same traditional way we were taught, through the lens of not only Korean culture, but of the roots that make up this DO, this path.  A student’s practice can be greatly enhanced by a deeper understanding of these roots and a serious taekwondoist will do well to educate themselves about the rich history of their daily practice.

While this site could certainly be informative, it would perhaps only skim the surface of the amazing history of TKD.  For the curious parent of a child in TKD, a prospective student, or perhaps someone who has been practicing a long time, we would like to invite you to MooShim. Come and sit in our lounge, grab a book or an article from our library, sit at a one of our bistro tables and disappear into the fascinating journey of how Tae Kwon Do, with roots firmly in antiquity, came to be the fastest growing martial art in the modern history.